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It would be great if we could all Unite all walks of life from every culture,except the jew and turk.Make them unetasdrnd what the REAL PROBLEM is.I handed out over 1300 dvds and flyers l made at the Armenian Genocide Protest in L.A.I got the idea of doing this because jewtube and the turkish coalition would continue to genocide my accounts for NO JEWTUBE VIOLATIONS.So what l did was collect vids that l felt would make a impact on society,Passed them out for free to expose the fucking ashtray headed beasts! Even at the protest l got harrased by some fucking bitch.She went for the cops so l split,remained in the back streets and handed them out eventually.Jewtube and the turkish allahfuckbars actually gave me this idea. You see..l did the Homework for them which should open up some doors.l have even went into gang lands to speak to folks about the jew.Pointing the finger at the jew. Explaining how they have fucked the world and killed millions of Christians,Catholics,Muslims Etc. To add,l have been speaking to friends of other ethnic groupsabout the jew.They are all fucking clueless of what has been happening to the world.
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