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27ec293 e8afb4e98193efbc9a936c58fThe acquaintance of each with my fethar was current, but had ripened quickly into intimacy. Mr Grote was introduced to my fethar by Mr Ricardo, I consider in 1819, (becoming then about twenty-five years old), and sought assiduously his society and conversation. Currently a extremely instructed man, he was yet, by the side of my fethar, a tyro on the superb subjects of human opinion; but he quickly seized on my fethar's most beneficial thoughts; and in the division of political opinion he produced himself referred to as early as 1820, by a pamphlet in defence of Radical Reform, in reply to a celebrated post by Sir James Mackintosh, then lately published in the Edinburgh Review. Mr Grote's fethar, the banker, was, I believe , a thorough Tory, and his mother intensely Evangelical; so that for his liberal opinions he was in no way indebted to household influences. But, unlike most persons that have the prospect of becoming wealthy by inheritance, he had, although actively engaged in the business enterprise of banking, devoted a great portion of time to philosophic scientific studies; and his intimacy with my fethar did a lot to choose the character of the next stage in his psychological progress.19afbb
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