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thanksI have back office pserwhule do I find the feature erase all dead items. it looks like a good idea .I just want to make sure that an item under a bundle is not called a dead item because the item is never used without the bundle.I also have items that I used once but I don't use it anymore for a while its now inactive is there any way I can erase all of them? this is probably not called a dead the back office I saw eraese all items but that I wouldn't do.thanks again[]
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p1000128.jpg p1000129.jpg p1000130.jpg p1000131.jpg p1000132.jpg p1000133.jpg p1000134.jpg p1000135.jpg p1000136-1.jpg p1000136.jpg p1000137.jpg p1000138.jpg p1000139.jpg p1000140.jpg p1000141.jpg p1000142.jpg p1000144.jpg
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